My Ode to Today

Today is…

  • Crazy Day. Patsy Cline recorded the Willie Nelson song “Crazy” on this date in 1961.
  • Cadillac Day. The first Cadillac was built on this day in 1902.
  • National Spumoni Day.
  • Scrape the Bugs Day.
  • Poet’s Day, a day for poets to celebrate their special talent.
  • Hawaii Day. Hawaii became the 50th U.S. state on this date in 1959.

My Ode to Today

Drivin’ down town
with the top down
– me and my fancy caddy

Drivin’ the whole day through
Like there’s nothin’ else to do
– me and my fancy caddy

We’re drivin’ all day
Eatin’ spumoni along the way


Sittin’ pretty in the sun
havin’ loads of summer fun


Nowhere I’d rather be
my fancy caddy here with me

Some might say I’m just lazy
I say I’m just darn crazy


– It’s me and my fancy caddy

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