Journaling, a Designer Connection Challenge

This month’s Designer Challenge is about Journaling, if only I had enough time to sit and capture the moments, I’d have something fabulous to show you. However, the past few months I have been working hard to start and finish a number of projects and portfolio pages for the upcoming Craft and Hobby Association show. I’ll be exhibiting again this year (both 1839 if you are attending also).

So this time around, I don’t have a fabulous project to show you. Although I do have this wonderful picture my youngest drew, I don’t know who it’s supposed to be – glad to know the belly button was not forgotten. Once you’re finished here, please do take a moment to check out the rest of the sites in the hop and you’ll discover all kinds of wonderful things.

Child drawing of a person
Child drawing of a person

What is Journaling?

I’m not sure what the proper definition is, but to me, journaling is memory keeping that you share with others. Instead of putting pictures in an album and calling it finished, you add notes, poetry, and other writings to help capture the memory. Share perspectives, stories, quotes and other comments that the photo can’t share to help create the full “picture” of a given event or moment in time.

Because I love collage so much, my style of journaling includes hand written comments along with scraps, pieces and parts of various thing all put together into a single piece to share what the moment ment to me.

Add some new accents to your journal creations, check out my digital stamps. There are new designs added all the time!

Digital stamps by Jen Goode
Example of Digital stamps by Jen Goode available at

I’d like to hear what you think… What is journaling to you?

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