Illustration Friday: immovable

This week’s challenge topic has been “immovable”. I originally planned on doodling a cool vintage style penguin with his feet stuck in a block of cement. I wanted to go with the same kind of look at the Legendary Flighted Penguin or the Vitruvian man Penguin. Maybe make it a bronzed statue penguin. Then the week progressed. Now, here we are on Thursday. So, I just started doodling a quick sketch in Illustrator… my fancy design vision began and ended as cartoon penguin instead. I’m ok with it, my cartoon mind is taking over today to make up for my emotionally unstable moodiness this week. Call it silly, I call it sympathy for the rubberband challanged.

Penguin vs the Rubberband Ball by Jen Goode
Penguin vs the Rubberband Ball by Jen Goode

Or maybe, this might be what happens if you get in a fight with your Silly bandz. Either way, I think he’s fairly immoveable for the moment.

Have a great weekend!

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