I spy a trend

I recently attended the premier trade show for the craft and hobby industry. The whole event is a gigantic craft store waiting to explode filled with new ideas, concepts and wow factor for the crafty mind. I was at the show to exhibit my own art to potential licensors so I didn’t have a huge opportunity to see any specific trends.

That said…

I am hearing all kinds of talk about mix media being the up and coming movement. That sounds trend-like to me. I’ve always created in mixed media, I’m too scattered and unattached to pick and stick with one medium as a specialty or focus. I like to mix textures and techniques. I like to see the results of mixing materials… sometimes it’s good and sometimes not so good.

I’m also noticing a growing trend in the use of layers. Layers of color, materials and more often even images to create interest and depth. I think this is the answer to indecisive creativity, but hey, it’s its now cool to collage, yay me! Layers create a visual appeal I don’t think you can get any other way. Add in some extra padding between the layers and you have all kinds of fun happening.

Here is my contribution to the recent trend observations, a hand made bracelet. There are a variety of materials as well as layers upon layers to create the finished piece. I might even go back and add a few more layers… we’ll save that for another day.

Mixed media hand made bracelet by Jen Goode
This item is available for purchase through etsy



  • Papers from Graphic 45
  • A recycled duct tape roll
  • Beads
  • String
  • Twine
  • Decorative brads
  • Mod Podge
  • Ice resin

Original bracelet design by Jen Goode

How I made it:

Using the duct tape roll as the foundation for the piece, I decoupaged the paper both on the inside and outside using Mod Podge. After it dried, I added more Mod Podge and various accents from paper, string, beads and brads. I also glued twine alone both the top and bottom edges for an interesting texture finish. Once the entire thing dried over night I brushed on a layer of Ice resin to give it a high shine and protect the various layers from wear. I let that dry again over night. I finished it off with another layer of Ice resin.

Mixed media decopague bracelet by Jen Goode

Mixed media resin bracelet by Jen Goode

Mixed media recycled bracelet by Jen Goode

This item is available for purchase through etsy

Take a look around you, what do you see as a growing trend in the creative universe?


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12 thoughts on “I spy a trend”

  1. Love how you kicked this off Jen- genius in that you trend spotted and used what you learned to make something original which is fabulous by the way. You put in a lot of time and effort into your posts and it shows girl!

  2. Cool Beans girl!
    I love it!
    Love the way you write…..makes you never want to stop reading.
    Huggs, Veronica

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