I can't hear the success – It's too noisy in here

Last night as I headed to bed, I realized every room in the house had a radio on.. a different station for each person. My room had the TV on as my husband was dozing off to sleep listening to FOX news. This is the most quiet time of day in my house and yet, it’s still not all that quiet.

During waking hours, we have at least one TV on and usually 2 computers (my husband and I both work from home). If all the kids are home we potentially have 4 computers on at once as each person is also listening to their own music or videos at the same time they’re either working, doing homework or playing a game. Between video games, ipods, TVs, toys with buttons and buttons on toys… the noise is constant.

The noisy just gets crazier from there… on my screen alone I have Tweetdeck and Twhirl and Facebook and email all buzzing in the background (and now “buzz” from Google egging me on) while popping up notices to let me know I should notice something. I usually have at least 10 other programs running as I update websites, create graphics, chat on 4 platforms at once (luckily Adium exists)… I don’t even have the volume on – it’s always on mute, but the visual noise can be so overwhelming. It’s a wonder I get anything accomplished. How did I let it get this bad? How do I continue to function? It’s like I’ve become desensitized to the stimuli of a “normal” day.

This needs to stop.

There’s too much noise and not enough focus. There’s too many conversations and too many ideas and thoughts and reminders and dings and blings and clicks and blips. There is no way I can jump back into being creative with all this chitter chatter clattering going on. It’s like too much bad coffee without even a hint of fabulous aroma – blech!

What would happen if there were no sound for 30 minutes?

I’d surely fall asleep. Now wouldn’t that be lovely?

How are we all surviving, let alone thriving with so much noise around us? No wonder our children have attention issues and a lack of concentration – as a society. I think it would do me some good to watch the sunset, listen to a water fountain or just sit and enjoy the sound of sleeping kids. Starting today I’m going to make a daily goal of sitting in the quiet a little more – unclutter my computer screen… the world will not stop moving if I’m not watching, but I don’t think what I miss will end the world either.

When was the last time you stopped to listen to quiet?

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