Happy Bastille Day

In honor of Bastille day, which I don’t personally celebrate, but would delighted to if I lived in France… I’m sharing with you today, the I Love France Penguin.

I Love France Penguin by JGoode
I Love France Penguin by JGoode

Paris is on my Top Ten places I need to visit list. I know they aren’t necessarily French, but here are some things I that remind me how much I’d love to go to France…

I took French for 4 years in High school – unfortunately I came away knowing little more than how to ask to go to my locker for my pencil.

Leonardo Davinci is my all time favorite artist so I’ve wanted to visit the Louvre since I was about 12.
I love french toast, french fries and french bread.
I loved to sing Aloutte as a kid… until I found out the real meaning of the words.

Some day, when I have the opportunity to visit France in person, I’ll extend this list.

A little thanks to my friend Stephanie Lichenstein for suggesting today’s topic. I needed a break from the deep thinking and serious thoughts. Happy French loving penguins is very appropriate for my mood today!

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