You've got to go and get what you want

I talk to people all the time about reaching goals and achieving what you want. The message that rings true time and time again is, you have to go after what you want, it’s not going to come to you. Sure, sometimes good things just happen or fall into place “as they should”. This, however, isn’t a common occurrence with most people.

You need to know what you want first.

Before you can go after anything, you have to have an idea of what is it you want to go after. Seems like this should be common sense, yet think of how often we stumble around trying to find our way. Part of knowing what you want also includes knowing how to get there. If you’ve never been down a specific road, you’re not going to know all the detours and short cuts. yet, you can do your homework and prepare. Talk with people who have already traveled the path. Ask questions and research. Be open minded about what will and won’t work for you – or what you are or are not willing to try. Come up with a plan and then proceed to the next step.

Jump in feet first but start at the shallow end.

It’s very commendable to be willing to jump right into a new project or new direction. If you know what you want and where you want to go and you have goals you want to reach, why not just jump in full force and go get ’em?

Because you need to test the water first and make sure you’re prepared. You may think you have all the pieces and parts you need, but there is always – let me repeat – there is always unexpected things that pop up when we venture into something new. Add this potential for obstacles to your “get ready” list. If you plan some wiggle room for unexpected things to come up, when they hit they won’t usually hurt as much.

Take your time and pay attention to the flow of things when you jump into something new and you can probably avoid some major detours.

Don’t give up on yourself on the first try.

Rarely do people succeed on the first try. Don’t assume your own non-success is a failure or that it’s your fault. Learn from the pitfalls and keep pushing forward. If you want something enough, it really does happen at some point. Keep in mind, what you want and what you get may not look the same, but it’s no less of a success… it’s just a different flavor. Be persistent.

Over the past 2 months I have met so many incredible people. Each with their own talents and strengths and long lists of successes. It’s intimidating to be around them – seeing what greatness that have accomplished. Then I stop to pay attention and realize they think the same of much of what I’ve accomplished or where I’ve been. We need to each stop and appreciate our strengths and our experiences… they make up what greatness we have to give.

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