Giveaway for April – I love Scrapbook Memories

Scrapbook MemoriesApril is my favorite month of the year for a number of reasons. This year I have another reason to be excited, I’m a part of a group that is giving away a set of DVDs of the final series of Scrapbook Memories. If you’re curious, read more about the April craft give away and come back here and enter to win.

To enter to win you must:

  1. Leave a comment below about your favorite craft show (past or present).
    In theory you were supposed to have hopped around all the participating sites to find the Scrapbook Memories logo and THEN comment. However, you’re already here… look above and on the lower right, see the logos? SO please take a moment to hop around and visit the other participating sites. Tell me which one’s you love when you leave your giveaway comment below.

Julie McGuffee is the Host of Scrapbook Memories, a TV show that airs on PBS and BYU TV nationwide. Julie shares a tons of tips and inspiring ideas to make your scrapbook and memory crafting fabulous.

Don’t just comment and go…
Hop around a bit before you leave your comment. I’m always in awe of the amazing creations others come up with, so I want you to feel the inspiration too. It’s often intimidating to me to be surrounded by so many talented people. However, it’s also very encouraging to see so many different perspectives and techniques.

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8 thoughts on “Giveaway for April – I love Scrapbook Memories”

  1. I love Scrapbook Memories, it is my favorite craft show and I am new to scrapbooking so it has been very educational for me. I am finding something I can use on almost all the shows. My favorite thing about the show is how you show the new products that have just come out either at the conventions or at the beginning of the show, and when you show how to use them. I love getting new ideas. I like most of the things Julie Fei-Fan Balzer does with her painting and free hand penwork. I use to be a painter so it gives me ideas to incorporate that into scrapbooking. Things I would really like to see on the show is better showing of the name brand of the product, for example they will mention a product and show how it works but I can’t always read the name of the product cause it is small on the screen and they don’t always mention the name of the clue or the marker etc…I would like to see more mixed media ideas, I love that part with projects of mixed media, and I like the ideas you have for decorating the house so you can use your scrapbook ideas for something besides scrapbooking. My favorit product I have learned about most recently is the glue pen so you can add just a little glitter to the ends of flowers. I can’t wait for the new show.

    Cindy Smith

  2. To be honest, I’d never heard of Scrapbook Memories before reading the posts about this contest. I’d love to win this set to see it! Other shows I really like are Creative Juice and Martha Stewart- she really has an incredible team.

    I really liked Candice Windham’s Christmas box, Einat Kessler’s flowers and the painted wedding dress that I can no longer find.

  3. I found Scrapbook Memories totally by accident a few years ago and was hooked! I was so sad when I heard it was ending. But it looks like Scrapbook Soup might be just the ticket to replace it.

    I spend way too much time blog hopping on the day the new blogs are posted. Good thing I have today off! I find interesting projects on every one of the pages. I mainly scrapbook and make cards but dabble in other mediums. My current favorite designer is Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. She makes me feel like I can do anything no matter what my level of competency is. Her mixed media scrapbook pages intrigue me and inspire me to try new things.

    I loved the flowers on Einat Kessler’s site, the coloring techniques on Distinctive Touches and the Digital Wedding Book on Theresa Cifali’s page was a wonderul idea. I have a young friend getting married this summer so when the Wedding Ideas blog came out, I had her check out all of the ideas presented by the designers.

    I can’t wait to start watching Scrapbook Soup!

  4. I really LOVE Scrapbook Memories. It’s easily my favorite show – I have several seasons recorded. My 7 year old loves to watch it with me as well. 🙂 My favorite recent show was the Home Dec Accents one with Jewels and Julie Fei Fan Balzer. Loved the easy candle decorating tips!

  5. I have been watching Scrapbook Memories for years. I don’t know when I really started but I’ve been TIVO’ing them all, even watching reruns. Some of them I’ve recorded them to DVD to watch later! And can’t wait to see what Julie does next on her new show! I’ll miss Beth being on the show! hope she visits?!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I’m going to miss Scrapbook Memories, I love that show and even enjoy watching reruns of it. I also like a new show called Crafting at the Spotted Canary. I’ve been Reading Blazer Designs, Julie’s, blog for awhile now. I have also been reading Life in the Craft Lane, other Julie’s, blog for a little while too. I reconized several of the other names on the list, but haven’t really had to chance to explore thier blogs, guess I’ll be adding to my list of must read blogs!

  7. I am so glad to have a chance to win the final series of Scrapbooking Memories and watch them with my scrapbooking friends.

  8. My favorite craft show of all time was the Carol Duvall show. I loved the way she approached all crafts with genuine interest and authenticity! She let us see her mistakes, and I miss the “Queen Mother of Crafts'” presence on TV.

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