Getting into a Penguin Pattern

This week’s Illustration Friday is “pattern”. I started out with a completely different design… a true pattern of swirlies and florals, but then side tracked myself thinking of penguins and t-shirts. This is the end result of that mental excursion… The penguin pattern:
Penguin pattern by JGoode

This is what happens when my mind tries to find a single focus and can’t decide on a color. Sorry, I intentionally left out the argile penguin.. too much of a hint on prim and proper for me today.

3 thoughts on “Getting into a Penguin Pattern”

  1. Cool. Reminds me of a great children's book called “Tacky the Penguin”, not because these are at all tacky, but because Tacky wore Hawaiian shirts while everyone else was in their traditional tuxedos.

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