Finding inspiration from HGTV’s Design Star

As an artist and creative brain, I’m often asked where my inspiration comes from. My canned answers is always “from life”. It’s true. Every interaction, every encounter, every moment is potentially the big inspiration for my next neat idea. However, I don’t just walk around seeing things with instant “ah ha” moments of clarity. No, it’s true, I have to think harder than that.

I gain piles of insight by surrounding myself by smart people with interesting ideas. I try not to follow too closely with other designers in the spaces I work, however, I do pay close attention to creatives and designers on TV. HGTV’s Design Star is one of these fabulous resources. It’s a reality competition style show with 12 contestants who are all Designers, in this case, focusing on interior designer. The contestants are competing to the “last one standing” by completing various design challenges. Not only is the competition interesting to me, but I also enjoy the judging as critiques. You can learn a lot by listening to the perspective of various people toward a single design.

It’s incredibly inspiring to watch the problem solving and creative thinking of designers especially in competition mode. I’m in awe of the out of the box thinking that happens when there’s a time limit and a pile of focus. My own ideas are often sparked just watching techniques and applying them to my own skill set.


Season 6 HGTV Designer Star contestants
Season 6 HGTV Designer Star contestants

I’m looking forward to Season 6 of HGTV Design Star which premieres tonight at 9pm/8c on HGTV. I was watching HGTV’s “House Hunters” the other day and one of the execs was house hunting for a location for the Design Star show. I’m not sure if it was an old repeat or the awesome location just outside of Manhattan was for season 6 contestants. If it’s the most recent location, this is going to be a great season with such a cool space!

As artsy as I appear to be, I’m always looking for new ideas and interesting methods… my house isn’t nearly as finished in the decor department as I’d like. BY the way, no, I’m not trying to add a penguin to every room. I’m excited to see what great creations are thought up during season 6!

Are there any shows that inspire your creativity?

This is in part a sponsored post with Crafterminds and HGTV Design Star. My opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Hi Jen,
    I also love the programs on HGTV and of course am looking forward to the new Design Star competition. I always watch Color Splash with David Bromstad for design and color inspiration. For inspiration and understanding how to negotiate and give good presentations, I watch Shark Tank. But I’m not sure I could hold my own under the pressure of giving a presentation to those investors. It is gruesome for some of the entrepreneurs. Joan

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