Cherry Turnovers – Yay!

Today is National Cherry Turnover day – hip hip hooRay! Oh how I Love cherry turnovers…

I like to eat them one layer at a time. Peal the layers of pastry off and then finish off the scrumptious cherry pie filling.

I supposed I could learn how to make them, but for now I’ve just decided to doodle them and save my spare myself the tempation.

Cherry Turnover by JGoode

A fun (cherry) filled design full of sweet smiles, available on a variety of apparel and gifts for the whole family. Browse all the cherry turnover fun.
What do you love about cherry turnovers?

Today is also Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day (something to do while waiting for files to load) and World Sauntering Day.

So I think I shall saunter myself over to the fridge to dig up a cherry turnover.. and then I’ll make sure to whiz my mouse around the icons.

get a free cherry clipart piece. 😀

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