I’ve recently joined club penguin. My love for the flightless bird has instilled a curiosity about anything penguin. I also have 2 children that are determined to spend the majority of their inside time playing something, somewhere on the computer, so I am always looking for new and better avenues for them to try.

goodepenguin.gifNow, I find that a good chunk of my kids’ play time is no longer game sites I don’t understand. They’d much rather run around an ice covered world filled with  our penguin pals — AND it’s ok for me to run right alongside. We play games, shop for clothes and igloo accesories — hunt for hidden treasures and even just hang out together. What a great idea! It’s fantastically fun to be able to get involved in activities that they’d otherwise like to explore alone.

More great info… a wonderful article about ClubPenguin.

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