Are your influences good for you?

I’ve always been a wanderer in many different circles. I like the diversity of meeting and knowing people with different interests and experiences than my own… each a small reflection of something I enjoy. Not to mention, I have a short attention span, so having multiple interests and activities in common with different groups of people keeps me excited in a number of directions. I try to surround myself with a variety of positive vibes so my mind stays on an upbeat most the time.

It’s interesting to me how some of my own focuses are mixed so fabulously with the people I come across.  I’ve met artists that are crazy in love with social networking as much as I am. I am friends with internet marketers that love crafting or photography. There are bloggers that write about business as well as art. Each of these people have an influence on how I focus on my own projects, how I look at my progress and how I plan for tomorrow.

I’ve learned that I can’t just sit here and draw – no matter how much I love it –  if I want to really build a career and reputation around my art. The people I network with, unintentionally remind me every day to not just create art, but shout about it.

All of these influences also have an impact on the art I create as well. My subject matter is my life and common every day aspects of the world around me. I avoid letting the negativity in life influence me, however. I’m always trying to find the positive in situations because focusing on the negative doesn’t do me any good… and besides, who want’s to buy an un-smiley face on a t-shirt? I don’t want that karma landing in my bank account.

Examples of influences that have been good to me

I’ve never been much of a girly girl, but wen I sat down to draw up my impression of a true girl, this Little Diva is what I came up with. At the time I didn’t yet have a daughter… she has turned out to be exactly like this – If it’s girly and pink, she thinks it’s hers. Maybe the illustration was foreshadowing. The influences of the unknown are powerful!

Little Diva by JGoode

Last year I sent out a twitter that asked “If you were a food, what would you be?”. From that resulted the Smiley Cheeseburger – a Scott Jangro response full of inspiration. There’s some seriousness in that grinning burger, right next to the mayo I think, look carefully.

Smiley cheeseburger by JGoodeSometimes I just draw some silly thoughts that have crossed my mind. This passed out Easter bunny, “The Day After Easter“, was inspired by my husband’s – first time as the Easter bunny dad – Easter experience. I’ve never seen someone so exhausted by egg filling and jellybean hunting.

Day after Easter by JGoode

Another influence for me is food. I have a theory that food is a universal language. Everyone eats so therefore everyone understands food. My explanations of various topics always include food analogies… and so does my art. This is where my happy Nut collection came from.

Happy Nuts by JGoode

I can’t always attribute a design to someone or something specific, but it’s always a life experience that has influenced me in one way or another.I always try to keep it upbeat and positive, and if my surroundings get too negative, I switch my environment or train of thought.

1 thought on “Are your influences good for you?”

  1. A friend told me this several years ago before he died …

    If you do not like what is playing in your mind … change the channel just as if it were a radio station.

    At first … I could not figure out quite what he meant … then it clicked … if I cannot find something happy within me … I need to find something outside me that is to help me change my mind channel to good stuff.

    It lights up the darkness for me even now 🙂

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