My 5 foot garden snake is back

Last year I spent very little time in my flower garden because I kept running into the local snakes. Rarely were they tiny little garden snakes. No, the Goode house seems to be encouraging the visitation or co-habitation of large snakes This morning I turned on the sprinklers for the first time and then I saw one of the regulars once again.It’s a bull snake measuring in at approximately 5′ long and it lives under the garden inside a rock wall. I think it came out in view to dry off and warm up a bit after the unexpected cold shower that soaked his space below.

the bull snake in my yard

the bull snake that lives under my garden

I love nature and the outdoors. I love gardening and taking care of my various plants… I don’t however, care much for the helpful hand of the local reptiles. I would close off the cracks in the rocks now if it weren’t for the animals already living inside. I wish there were a way to invite the snakes to leave amicably – and then keep them out all together.

I blame it all on the bunnies. If there were no bunny buffet – also living in the rock wall, the snakes would have to go else where for food. I’m guess I’m growing a regular reptile habitat here!

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