What are YOU thankful for today? My 5 things of thanks this week

This week whizzed by again, I can’t remember what happened yesterday let alone back to Monday in most cases. Yet, I am thankful for a wide array of topics none-the-less.

I am thankful for:

1. Modern Medicine – as I type, my sister is in surgery. Without modern medicine, there wouldn’t be these kinds of opportunities to fix a body’s aliments. Looking forward to the phone call in a few hours saying all is well.

2. My husband’s talents – Although his specialty is Architecture, he’s got a load of skills and talents and this fabulous ability to apply them in many areas. I boss him around a lot because I hate to see the brilliance put aside for frustration, but deep down, I wish I were half as smart as he is with half the potential he has.

3. My garden time – On Sunday, Mother’s day I dragged the entire family to Home Depot to gather up a few gardening supplies as well as a handful of new perennials for the year. I actually came home and planted everything rather than my typical – leave it on the porch and forget to water it. The rabbit’s haven’t nibbled anything yet!

4. My children learn something every day – dispite the complaints and issues that seem to arise every year with the public school system, I am thankful we have the opportunity to send our children to school. They have teachers that care about them and they learn something every day.. I just wish the kids would tell me what they learned.

5. I’m presenting at Affiliate Summit in New York this August – I just received word late last night that a presentation a group of us submitted has been approved – woot! We will be speaking about “Getting Noticed FAST” on a panel with  Trisha Lyn Fawver, Stephanie Lichtenstein and Michael Buechele. I’m also excited that Lisa Picarille will be our moderator. It’s a fantastic group of people and a really fun topic!

I think today is a good day to treat yourself – I’m sure you’ve earned it!

Strawberry ice cream sundae cartoon by JGoode
Strawberry ice cream sundae cartoon by JGoode

What are YOU thankful for today?