Happy World Happiness Day with penguins!

August 8th is World Happiness Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a whole flock of happy penguins? This design, the Penguin Happiness Tour, was created with World Happiness day and all the other happy celebrations specifically in mind. There’s tons of happy little penguins gathering for the festivities. Pizza, princess, postman and even the Statue of Liberty… all ready to celebrate the smiles of the day.

Which is YOUR favorite penguin?

Penguin Happiness Tour Tshirt

On the front the design reads “What’s your penguinality” with doodle words in various locations that shout praises for our penguin pals.

Penguin Happiness Tour

On the back of the shirt is a list of all the happiness days throughout the year, including today, along with the different penguin specifically awareness days.

Penguin Happiness Tour

I’d love to have you join the this Happy Tour, So grab your own Penguin Happiness Tour t-shirt and get going on this happiness ride!

This item is available through Zazzle and Printfection.
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