What Holiday Traditions Warm Your Heart?

This week’s Tuesday’s Topic is about Holiday memories and traditions. What great stories and moments of warmth do you have to share about your favorite holiday festiviness?

15365484_400x400.jpgIn my family, one of my favorites is Christmas eve — my grandfather makes clam chowder and then we all sit around and listen to him read some classic christmas stories. It’s a nice family time I look forward to every year… Its really cool to look around the room and see 4 generations all together.

It’s not every year I get to spend with my family — so it’s very special to

Another favorite is making goodies with my family. It’s fun to make all the cookies and candies with them… making a huge mess in the kitchen all for the sake of yumminess to share. — it’s rare to do sometthing all together where we all get along and agree.. HA, so that’s nice too. 😀
Share your Happy Holiday thoughts and telus about them below.. Season’s Greetings to YOU!

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