Tuesday's Topic: Traveling

I decided early on that today’s topic would be “traveling” as I knew I’d be spending a good portion of the day traveling. Little did I know that I’d end up spending the entire day waiting for one event to blend into the next. I waited for my husband to get home so I could leave. I waited for traffic on the way to the air port. I waited to fine a parking spot in the over crowded lot. I waited to go through security, sit on the train and then waited at the gate.



Then I waited to find out my flight was delayed and was told I had to wait to find out more information while we all waited to de-board the plane. Then we waited to re-board and waited to take off…

Thankfully, I arrived at my destination in one piece and glad to be on the ground.

I’ve always loved to travel. Today I learned, it’s not the act of the traveling I enjoy the most… its the arrival at a new destination.

Just a simple doodle this week, it’s hard enough to wait all day – packing and unpacking and repacking and adjusting the travel bags… I couldn’t possibly draw in the midst of the turbulance as well ~wink

Sweet dreams and happy Tuesday!

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