Tuesday's Topic: Sunshine

Never under estimate the power of the sunshine in your day. Besides the proven medical benefits of being out in the sun, there is an obvious metal/psychological benefit as well… at least in my world there is.

Smiley Sunflower

I’ve been stuck for weeks now. Trying to find a focus for what to work on next. What is my inspiration for the day? What should I create… doodle… write… design? I have an endless number of options, yet nothing seems to stick as far as my completing a project. So today, rather than fight my lack of productivity, I spent the morning outside.

I took the kids and grabbed the bikes and toys and hung outside with a friend. Our kids played while we watched and absorbed the sun.

Garden penguin

Usually I am constanting thinking. Thinking up new ideas or problem solving old issues. Figuring out solutions in my head the moment my mind is awake whether the rest of me is or not. I’ll categorize, organize and map out whatever it is that interests the grey matter that day. But today, I fought the urge to think on anything specific… and after about 15 minutes outside, I noticed I wasn’t thinking about much anymore. I was simply enjoying the day.

It was nice. I feel refreshed.

Whimsical Blue Dragonfly

I still don’t have a clear view of my next focus, but at least now I don’t feel stressed about it. A little sunshine goes a long way to help ease the mind.

Thank goodness spring is on it’s way! The first day of spring this year (2008) is March 20. The equinox will be at 5:48 GMT.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunshine Girl

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