Tuesdays Topic: Connections

Connections… when I think of making connections, a lot of things come to mind. Connecting to the internet, connecting to people, connecting to clients and customers… connecting legos. Brain waves connecting in my 11-year-old’s head is a connection I often ponder.

artist.gifMy favorite connecting, however, is that of meeting new people and making new friends, business associates and people I can brainstorm with. I love to bounce ideas around with others… troubleshoot problems or dream up new ideas. Finding the right kind of people to “click” with is the fun part, but discovering new ways to look at something and new insight because of those people is the priceless aspect I appreciate most.

Because I work online, and for the most part I eat, sleep and breath online, the majority of my connections have been online and through online means of communication. These relationships are invalueable to me. They tie me to the world of people I can’t necessarily talk with face to face. I learn from these people, I grow and hopefully become better.

I have accounts all over the place at various social networks, galleries and other membership based locations. A few of the places you can find me, other than the obvious of this blog or google “jgoode”, I used to be very active MySpace, now I play on twitter.

I connect with people on yahoo groups, the Switch boards, Ning and now even my own forum over at Nothing But Penguins. A new forum I’ve just started checking out is Indie Boomers, I’ll be over there more soon.

I connect with people while I sell my designs at CafePress, Printfection, ImageKind, Greeting Card Universe and even etsy.

You can connect with me at many more locations like facebook, pods, linkedin, yahoo’s 360 and Y! mash and much more… some I update far more than others… twitter is my favorite right now. It’s like announcing a um, announcement to all my friends at once, plus being in a roomfull of people all yelling out what they’e up to. Kinda neat I say.

You might even find me playing with my kiddos on club penguin – look for a goode and it’s probably one of us – say hello, make a connection. 😀

To finish off my connections thoughts for today, did you know, September 18th is National Play-Dough Day, marking its invention on this date in 1956. I think I’ll connect with the kid inside and play with some dough today 😀


What does “making connections” mean to you?

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