What are you thankful for today?

Coming to the end of a week that seriously flew by – I’m not even finished thinking of what I needed to do this week and now it’s Friday. The weather was great for a few days and today, once again, its cold and foggy… I miss the sun already!

Rainy Day Penguin by JGoode

However, there’s always plenty to be thankful for – even in the midst of the drizzle.

1. Chatted with a friend I rarely see. I don’t often catch up with friends face to face. I tend to hide out at home working and keeping busy. This week I had the opportunity to sit and chat with a friend mid-week that I haven’t talked with in quite a while. Our kids get along great.. so play time for them was super fun too.

2. Had some good talk time with my husband. The schedule this time of year gets so crazy for our family – we don’t often have a chance to catch up with each other. We had some good brainstorming talks.. figuring out “where to go from here” with all the economic changes and family goals, etc. I think I come across as bossy so much, due to being the family coordinator – it’s nice to have a chance to just share thoughts.

3. My oldest had a super great baseball game last weekend. He was given the opportunity to pitch – after weeks of practicing and hoping for the chance – and he did an outstanding job! The benefit of this, I am seeing, is he’s taking all that positive feedback and put it into his effort and is just doing great all around. It’s neat to watch the attitude change.

4. I’m surrounded by amazing people. I realize every day that I have been so blessed to be surrounded by fabulous people, in every aspect of my life. I don’t know how that happened, but I can’t say thank you enough to the people karama Gods.

5. Shared my thoughts on TheSpew yesterday. I had the opportunity to chat with some brilliant women in the online marketing world yesterday – I was so excited when I was invited to participate in the podcast, and delighted it was a topic I knew something about. Was a great time.

Thank You penguin by JGoode