What are you thankful for today?

This week has been one of those busy weeks where I’m sure I knocked piles of things off my list, but looking in the rear-view mirror today, I can’t remember what.

Despite the whirlwind of activity, there is so much to be thankful for

snow day

My Top 5 Thanks this week

1. A little extra time with my kids. My oldest was enjoying spring break while my 6 year old’s school was in session. This allowed my oldest to have some “me” time of his own and hang out with mom. We also took a little trip to the Denver Zoo which is always a favorite activity. It’s hard to say if a teenager likes time with mom, but I enjoyed the extra time with him.

2. Nearly finished our taxes. I procrastinated gathering all my business papers, which is regularly our hold up. Yet I was able to whip through it quickly this year – I had saved all online receipts as pdfs in a single folder and all retail paper in a big shoebox, so finding everything was quicker than usual. Next goal is to actually use the Quickbooks software I bought last year.

3. Nothing exploded. I started the grill and cooked small steaks all by myself – no husband supervising nor helping – he wasn’t even home yet AND my picky eater ate it without any threats. I think my long time fear of exploding BBQs is finally being conquered… almost.

4. Enjoyed the flowers for a day. We had enough of a warning that a big snow was coming that I was able to walk around and take a few photos of at all my budding tulips before the weather turned. Now of course there are no flowers to be seen…they’re covered with 6″ of fresh powder.  They’re hardy and they’ll be back in a week or so. Bonus: now the kids have a new bit of entertainment for a few days… oh the magic of snow.

5. Ease of internet chatter. The social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter have opened up easy communication lines that allow more than just marketing chatter or silly small talk. My friend Judi Moore has been able to us all informed on how her husband, Dave is doing. I’m so glad to hear the news – he’s holding strong, and I’m going to stand in line with Judi’s laser focused thinking – happy thoughts and prayers are shared!

flower pot in the snow photo by jgoode

What are YOU thankful for today?