These are My Favorite Goodies

Love BunnyGoodies Goodies everywhere…

can’t pick just one, gobs more over there!

Goodies Goodies I see piles…

big ones, little ones, they go on for miles!

There’s an awful lot of goodies to choose from these days.

According to wikipedia:

  • The Goodies (TV series), a British television comedy series in the 1970s
  • The Goodies, a comedy trio who created “The Goodies” comedy television series
  • Goodies (album), the 2004 debut album of pop singer, Ciara
  • Goodies (song), the 2004 debut single of pop singer, Ciara
  • Goodies (fast food), the most popular fast food restaurant in Greece.

However, my personal biased favorites are my own… Goodes (pronounced “goodies”) is the family name.. my kids are goodies, my husband is a goodie… the doodles I spend hours, um, doodling.. all goodies.
Some of my newest goodies… the Loves Me collection:

I Love Pigs
Everyone Love Me (red)

Share you goodie love with us today in the comments below…


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