The Penguin Goes to the Art Show

Since I began selling my doodle art online, I’ve had a side goal to try to help promote various causes through my art. 25749293993691.jpg

As time has gone on, the Penguin cartoon collection has turned into the perfect avenue for such promotion. I started with the Pink Ribbon penguin, supporting breast cancer awareness, and expanded into a number of additional causes.


This past October I met an indie jewelry designer named Pam Swider, the owner and operator of Women for Hope. She was hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness group promotion effort called Indie for Awareness and I jumped with excitement to get involved. After the October event, Pam asked if I would consider creating penguins featuring a number of cancer and health related support ribbons.

“Absolutely!” I replied. How can I turn down an opportunity to help?

Once the penguins were created, I sent the Teal Ribbon Penguin to Pam. She then wore it to an art show she partiicpated in, and here they are sitting quite pretty!

In addtion to a huge selection of beautiful jewelry for all occasions, Pam creates and sells a number of support jewlery items including: “Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, keychains and cell phone charms in support of 15 different causes from Breast Cancer to Sexual Assault Awareness”.


The really inspiring thing is, not only are these items hand crafted, made with love by someone who understands the turmoil and emotional strain associated with the issues these items represent… but 10% of the proceeds sold by Women of Hope is donated to a variety of charities supporting womens’ issues. Giving from the hand that creates; it’s such a fabulous full circle kind of love.

Last I heard, The Penguin was delighted to join the gang at the art show. Thanks so much! I’m honored to work with someone as wonderful and giving as Pam.

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