A beautiful view of the world: Shawn Ingram


Shawn Ingram
• Photographer
specializing in Nature Photography

Pristine Photography

Shawn and I met through Cafepress and a mutual friend. He and I both dip our toes into programming for our own business use yet we each have our artistic interests as well. We often find ourselves brainstorming in a wide array of topics from life in general to business success on a regular basis. I have not yet had the opportunity to shake the man’s hand in person – but that day will come for sure. He has been a great motivator, a consistent voice of reason and encouragement and someone I am honored to call a good friend – even if he does think the Steelers are a team worth rooting for.


How did you get started?

My dad was always into photography as a hobby.  As a kid we were always featured in 8mm movies, slides, or tons of pictures.  I guess a little bit of it rubbed off.  As I got older, I started snapping more.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A national geographer on-location photographer would be awesome.


Name three favorite artists/designers/creatives:

Ansel Adams – I love his eye for subjects and his black and white work is just mind blowing, Jen Goode – penguin rules and thats all I gotta say.

What kind of training, schooling or other learning experiences have you gone through that have helped you get to where you are now?

As I kid I always loved art but never really did anything with it other than drawing at home.  I was out of school before I got my first camera and was in my 30s before I really started developing my style.  Two women that I dated were instrumental in pushing me to show my work.


Do you feel you’re successful?

Well if being a starving artist is a success, then I am.  I haven’t really figured out the whole marketing aspect of getting people to buy photography.  I have sold a few and I have won some contests with my photography so to me that is a success.  Knowing that others appreciate nature through my eyes enough that they purchase/vote for my photography tells me that I’m successful in sharing the world through my eyes.

What do you like most about what you do?

I love nature and I love being able to share the way I see nature with others.


What #1 piece advice can you offer to those which might like to “follow in your footsteps”?

Don’t…  lol.  Find someone who is doing this and able to pay their bills with it and mentor them.  Once ya figure out how to pay the bills with it, share some insight with us starving artists!  Seriously though, follow your dreams and what you enjoy. While I may not be paying the bills with my photography, I love what I’m doing and money does trickle in from it.  These days, every penny coming in is a good penny.

You can also find Shawn’s work for purchase through the following locations:

Pristine Photography at Imagekind – prints and framed art
Pristine Photography at Cafepress – Specialty items, decor and apparel