JGoode Designs in the News

I had the privileged of sharing my designs, my business and my love for internet retailing with a few people this week. All the talking has now resulted in a wonderful story at Baby, Kids and Family and a fantastic article spot in U.S. News.

Can you believe it? Me, lil’ old me and my smiley doodles – in the news – WOW I’m so delighted!

It still amazes me every day that my images that I love to create so much are loved and appreciated by others. I never would have thought… and now, to have someone – two someones – want to share my story in official news – I’m overjoyed.. tickled pink and purple!

I couldn’t ask for a better ending to my week. This, this right here – the sharing of the inspiring smiles, is exactly why I do what I do… every day!

JGoode Designs in U.S. News

4 years ago I could never have imagined this is where I would be or what I would be doing. Thank you to all my encouraging supporters –  I love my job!