Hot dogs are heaven on a bun

Tomorrow is National Hot Dog Day – sponsored or encouraged or bribed by the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council. Do you know what they put in hot dogs…  so then what does the council sit around approving??? I dare not stop to think.. eek!

Originally, today, I was going to focus on the fact that my favorite fun trivia sight seems to be officially broken. There’s been no new trivia since July 1st. Such a sad thing when one can’t find fun trivia to fill the void.

But then I discovered the hog dog happiness and I had to share…

My family and I recently went on a 12 day road trip. We spent time with family and time on our own adventuring and exploring. I’m pretty sure, as a family, we ate more hot dogs in one week than any small army should eat in a year — and we loved it! (It’s best not to think of the ingredients when consuming). The funny thing, when you think about it… I don’t think we even varied the hot dog accessorizing. I mean, you can have corn dogs or chili dogs or dogs on a bun… naked dogs, dogs and kraut… and the list goes on. We have your standard hot dog on a bun with ketchup and mustard… viola! If anything, we’re consistent.

Hot Dogs are Happiness

So my thought on all this… sometimes yuckie ingredients make for spendid memories.


Have a Happy Hot Dog Day!