Tuesday's Topic: Fluff and stuff

Today there is good and bad…

The bad first (because I always like to end on a high happy note)

Today is Income Tax Pay Day, National Gripers Day and Titanic Day

Now for the good.. today is also National Take a Wild Guess Day, National Fast Food Day, National Glazed Ham Day and my favorite for the day… Fluff Appreciation Day.

I think I love fluff… yes. Actually I know I love fluff. the soft squishy huggable kind. I also really like the whipped creamy sugary topping on my pie or marshmellowy with peanut butter kind. I think fluff is definitely under appreciated and so today in honor of Fluff Appreciation Day I think I’ll fill my day with fluffy fluffness and smile about it… all day.

laces one can find fluff…
In the lint catcher of the dryer
In the limpy arm of the teddy bear you had at age 3
Under the bed
In your belly button
In the tiny gift box with your favorite piece of jewelry
In Grandma’s pillows
In those bunny slippers you love but won’t admit you wear

Everyone Needs A Little FLUFF In Their Day

By the way, according to my spell check, “huggable” isn’t a word. So I guess I need to squish more instead.

Where is your fluff??