Tuesday's Topic: Encouragement

Today’s topic comes to mind after a few particularly rough weeks… for me? No, not necessarily. It occurred to me how important it is to encourage others – not only so they can succeed but so we can succeed as well. While talking with others, sharing views, insights, and support I found myself hearing myself echo in my own head. Sometimes that’s due to too much allergy medicine.. but this week I needed to hear what I was saying as much as the other person did.

Encouragement is sharing, helping,
walking along side, holding a hand…
comfort and wisdom combined with sincerity and compassion.

Smiley Sunflower

Encouragement is “the act of giving hope or support to someone”.

The whole concept of “I need to listen to my own advice” has been an oning battle for me. I’ve always had a difficult time really seeing what I need… asking for it is another obstacle all together.

The point here is… helping others to be the best they can be, helping them strive for and reach their goals… listening to their needs and taking the time to really point out (with lots of love) where there is room for improvement can help us all grow. I think the hardest conversations I’ve had in the last few weeks are the ones where I’m critisizing in areas that need to be changed. Makes me feel horrible to point out unhappiness. But really, when we stop to think about it – change isn’t bad.

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As long as your intent is there to be helpful, the message will come out as it’s suppose to. It takes a lot of strength, courage and love to stop and tell someone the changes they can make to improve whatever it is they need to improve. It’s so much easier to tell people that what they are doing is great… when maybe it’s only 75% of the greatness they are hoping to achieve. No one really wants to hear “wow thats fantastic!” when improvements can be made to make it truly amazing. We need one another to see that extra bit of growth we are capable of achieving.

Floral Art

So get out there and encourage someone to do something fabulous today – you know, you might need to hear it too… I know you can do and you’ll do it wonderfully!

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