Designing with a focus

I just ran across a great little write up asking “Where do you find your focus”, and it got me thinking. Where do I find my focus? Sometimes I really wonder if I have a focus or even know what focusing is. Sometimes I get so caught up in thought – letting one idea lead into the next – that I literally get lost in my own mind… there is no focus there.

Then I started really thinking about the topic – everything I do is focused around the idea that I have designs I want to share. I doodle and I want people to be able to see and enjoy the images. So everything I do revolves around the fact that my drawings exsist. Any marketing or promotion or site building I may do… all points to the jgoode originals I am hoping others will see, like and maybe even pass along.

That sounds like focus to me.

In my reply to the focusing comments, I said:
“I think everyone has their own “doodle” – it’s deciding what it is and why it is important that is the difficult part. Once this is determined, putting a focus to anything else involved is relatively simple.”.

I really do think it’s that simple. You need to find a single cause, topic, product (line), point or purpose and then put all your efforts into that single item’s success. I don’t mean a single t-shirt or single image. I mean a single whatever-you-want-it-to-be. Maybe it’s your entire business model… your whole family, the entire single community you live in. Maybe your single thing is your dream to be a great – fill in the blank -.

As a magnet on my refridgerator says…

Whatever you are, be a good one.

That, in my opinion, is finding a focus.