Be a Winner!

Winner: “achiever: a person with a record of successes”. I personally don’t think you need a “record of successes” to be a true winner. You need a goal of reaching success and a interest and effort level to achieve that goal. Besides, we really need to define “success” before we can define a record fo success, don’t you think?

Let’s skip that for now…

A friend of mine is holding a fun little contest – you post a comment on her blog about your favorite tshirt from cafepress or your favorite CNN tshirt design and you’ll win a free tshirt. So it got me thinking.. people love to win – why? DO they just love free things? Or maybe people love to win because they love free things AND winning gives a sense of accomplishment on a level different from anything else. If you’re a winner, you have accomplished something great just for being you.

So my thought is, maybe we are all just winner waiting for someone else to tell us so. So, why not just tell ourselves? Dangit, I am indeed a winner! Sometimes I am a dorky, goofy, silly, or as my mom puts it “unique” girl.. but that doesn’t make me any less of a winner than Joe Blo the quiet, reserved oh-so-serious guy… does it? I’m just a different kind of winner. So are you – We all are!

I think this calls for corn..

You’re a winner
I’m a Winner
We’re all winners –

woo hoo!


— glad I got that out of the way, aren’t you

We are currently all surrounded, to some degree, with the Olympics. The ultimate in competitions and winning. Only a minuscule percent is able to be present, in person, to watch this phenomenal event and a tiny percent of that is even “good enough” to participate. These are the best of the best in so many ways. yet, that doesn’t mean those not involved are less.

Everyone is a winner in their own way. We need to give ourselves a little trophy and “way to go” once in a while. AND, Sometimes we need to take a minute to stop and remind each other what champions we are, because being pat on the back by a friend or collegue or family member is so much more valuable, many times, than patting ourselves.

Now, I’m writing this as I’m watching the women’s gymnastics in the Olympics… I remember watching these events when I was a little girl, and thinking – wow! I’d like to be one of those — not in the sense of participating in the sports, but more that I wanted the flowers and the medal and the sparkly moment. I have those sparkly moments, they just aren’t televised for the rest of you to see. I could go on an on about my winner-ness and winning moments, but I think I’ll leave it here for you to ponder your own winning greatness.

I’d love to hear about your winning moments!

Some fun contest infos in case you feel as though you really need to win something today:

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