I just recently learned something new about myself and challenges. I just returned home from a 60 mile breast cancer walk. We walked basically 20 miles a day for 3 days. Although this was physically difficult, quite painful at times and it was extremely wearing, tiring and trying on an emotional level, this is not the challenge that was hardest for me. Where I struggled was choosing between where my heart wanted to go and where my group wanted to go.

Every person has their own reason for getting involved in an event like this. Each individual has their own goals, expectations and hopes for accomplishment. I arrived hoping I would make it to the end. I left realizing that just making it to the end wasn’t the full goal. I really was wanting to learn more about what inspired people to get involved to begin with. I really wanted to hear the stories of those touched by breast cancer. Those walking for a loved one. Those hoping to make a difference. I wanted to hear their stories and I wanted to stand beside them. I wanted to get a glimpse of what it was that was driving their own path.

seattle space needle and the breast cancer 3 day walk dreams banner

This doesn’t sound that difficult. Just walking, I would be near hundreds of others with their own stories… all I needed to do was talk to them. However, what I discovered is that the more places I didn’t go, the less opportunity I had to cross paths with these stories. So instead of following my group in all the directions they went, I stood by my gut instinct to find the direction that was right for me. This was hard for me. I’m all about the group. I want to be apart of the group and support the group. What I learned from this was, we can be a part of group with a group goal, but still have our own path within that group. Thats what makes a group so fantastic. I struggled with the idea of diverting, but in the end, I felt better about me for standing up for what I knew I needed to do. I felt glad I didn’t ignore my own path.

Moral of the thought… believe in yourself and your goals. Listen to your heart and don’t put yourself last. Follow your dreams.