Making new connections

Today I am waking up to a pile of new opportunities because I am surrounded by unfamiliarity (oh thats a fancy fun big word). I am away from home, surrounded by many people I’ve never seen let alone met before, yet we all have one thing in common… business online. We are coming together for a conference, each of us at different levels of knowledge and involvement on the topic. We all have different, yet possibly similar, goals and expectations for this experience. And, we’re all here to make new friends.

I Love My Job Penguin

At least, thats what the end result is whether we intend it that way or not. It is after all, a business function… who makes friends in business, right? We’re here for business. To do business. To expand our business horizons and make our bosses or our bottom lines a little happier. Business friends are usually called coworkers or colleagues aren’t they? I am mean this isn’t the place for making real long lasting friendships is it? – there isn’t time for that kind of socializing

Not in my world!

Some of my absolute dearest friends are people I’ve met through the commonality of what we do to pay our bills. Here at Affiliate Summit, there is no exception. Once again I have met more wonderful people. Hear more fantastic stories; been greeted with more smiles and hugs and happy hellos… from people I’ve just met in the last 72 hours. This is why I keep coming back!

Sure, some people are here to network, not make friends. Meet new faces, add new names to the list and connect on a professional, gotta get things done, kind of agenda. Good for them! If it works, keep plugging along. Sometimes, when you aren’t looking, there’s more. Always keep an eyeball open for it…

Meeting new people means more to me. Connecting with old friends is something I treasure. I am delighted to wake up to such a great opportunity as I have today… to make new connections that could last a lifetime. I’ve made many new friends and am overjoyed that I can returned home tomorrow with new faces and names on my Christmas card list. – I can’t wait for “tomorrow” to share and grow together!