Breast cancer walk day 2

Today was another fabulous day! The first half just flew by. We got started earlier, had fewer stops for traffic and started at a better pace, so we made it to the lunch stop before we even knew it. It was great!

I was blown away by the cheering stations today. There were so many people, entire families, grandparents, toddlers… everyone standing and cheering and smiling and handing out candy. What brought a big tear to my eye every time was the thank yous. These complete strangers stood out there for hours, cheering and encouraging.. and then thanking me, someone they didn’t know, for walking. They sincerely are grateful I was there… and that makes me cry, even thinking about it now. It’s inspiring and truly breathtaking to merely grasp.

me and my breast caner walking toes

The second half of the day was a little tougher. There were a ton of hills, both up and down. It as hotter.. and stopping for lunch just gave my body time to coordinate with my blisters and my muscles so they all knew it was time to harass me. So the second have of the day I stopped longer at the rest stops to tape my toes or let my feet rest. But it was good!

One more day… it should be fantastic!