Wear red today and get a love button for shouting it out!

Today, Feburary 6th 2009, is National Wear Red Day, an event promoted by the American Heart Association with support from companies around the country as well as thousands of people just like yourself. The idea is to wear red to help raise awareness of the dangers of women’s heart disease…

Every minute, someone’s mother, daughter, wife or sister dies from heart disease and stroke in the United States.”

So pull out whatever red you have today and wear it. Take the Heart Check-upDonate if you can and Shout out to everyone you know to help spread the word.

In addition to my shout out to wear red today, I’m offering a special series of “love buttons” this year. If you comment here on my blog or my facebook page, you can get your own love button for free. Yes, absolutely no cost to you – AND I will donate 1.00 to the American Heart Association.


Limit one freebie per mailing address. If you would like more.. see below for details on purchasing more buttons.

Please, do not post your mailing address on my blog
– just leave an accurate email address and I will contact you for your shipping info.

Buy More Buttons

You can also buy love buttons from the JGoode Designs online shop.
Proceeds from these items are donated to the American Heart Association.