Good intentions or not, they're all mine

Today’s topic was designated “intentions” last week. I’ve known about this all week and I’ve been pondering the topic for the entire 7 days – I seriously intended on writing sooner. It was in no way intentional that I would end up writing at 9:45pm when I knew all week what I was supposed to be dealing with. No, I’m not trying to be funny either.It’s silly this week turned out this way.

It’s just the way things go I suppose.

Yesterday I had every intention of being on time for my son’s first baseball practice of the season. I’m consistantly late where ever I go.. sometimes I try hard to be on time than others. yesterday was one of those days. We were heading to a new field so I made sure to pile in all the kids with more than enough time to make it at 6:30pm. Little did I know that the exit from the highway had construction going on all around it. I missed the exit, and had to continue on to the next closest exit, another 15 minutes away… each way.


I intend to do a lot of really great things. Most days I just intend to do something, complete one thing, like a load of laundry from start to finish or a full phone call without forgetting the things I wanted to say. Rarely happens that way no matter how important or high a priority anything was when I first thought of it. I’ve gotten used to this and so have the majority of the people that have known me for a while. new comers, well, they’ll learn soon enough. For me, not necessarily following my intended path is a good thing.

I’ve learned to adapt, bend, go with the flow. I’m flexible for the most part. I have standards and views I’ll stick by like old gum on the bottom of a shoe… but plans and schedules and exact visions, I can handle abandoned intentions. Sometimes my best intentions that are forgotten or over-ruled turn into very happy sidetracks of greatness. Serendipity is a favorite word in my world… because happy accidents are often times the result of welcoming a change of plans.

My main thought on the topic of intentions…

It’s good to have them, better if you can carry them out every once in a while. Yet really, it’s definitely good to have intentions or what would your goals grow from?