Some funny thoughts for the day

So today’s Tuesday topic is kind of a random thought day, odd things I’ve run across this past week…

1. Barbie now has a dog that not only can Barbie feed, but Barbie can also scoop the plastic pellet poop after it exits the dog. — what ever happened to just wanting Barbie with ballet shoes?

2. Toilet tissue does not make a good substitute for fabric softener laundry sheets.. even if the attempt is accidental.

3. When testing to see if an “out of order” sign is really sincerely meaning the machine is out of order, expect a mess.

4. If farting makes your kids giggle, maybe books about farting will help them want to read.

5. If your oven cooking is sizzeling more than usual, it could be your insulated cookie sheet turning itself into a puffy pastry popper.

— and finally for the day, don’t combine pregnancy, taxes and new car sales. It’s a very ugly atmosphere and the man of the house doesn’t deserve to be biten so hard.

😀 Happy Tuesday!

Add your own whimsical moments of learnedness to the comments…

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