Running out of time

It’s a known fact, by anyone that has been in my life for at least 24 hours… I am always running late. I can plan until the moon is blue or pigs fly, yet, no matter how well I plan, I will be late or fall behind on at least 50% of what ever I set out to do.

I’m never late on projects for others… just appointments or self proposed assignments. Anything relating to non-business or my own personal objectives, late late late!

I’ve always blamed it on mismanagement of time or my kids or natural causes… or traffic. However, just this week it occurred to me. Nothing causes my lateness, I am just really horrible at preventing it. I take on more than I can accomplish in a given time frame. I load myself up with far more than any one person should try to tackle — and, as my husband reminds me – I think everything is 15 minutes away.

Is my lateness due to overly ambitious views of my capabilities? Heck no! I can accomplish anything – that’s what we tell ourselves, right? No, it’s due to my under-estimating of how many hours we have in any given day and how long things really take when we aren’t 100% in control of every aspect. Darn clocks and their set ways!

How to overcome the problem… stop doing so much? Maybe estimate more time for whatever? No way!
For me, I just need to make sure people realize, they’re important to me, but Father Time’s hours are just too short for what I need, to get everything done.

Who do I speak to to get that resolved…