Hip Hip and a big One Red Paperclip T-shirt HooRay!

So about a week ago, the penguin became a part of an elborate scene as my contribution to the project. Kyle challenged anyone listening to come up with a t-shirt design to represent the story. So I sat down and doodled…

Heres a small version of the image:

JGoode Design's One Red Paperclip T-shirt submission.

Now get this coolness…
Today, to my surprise, I discovered the made it to the winners circle.

NO WAY!!! ( I really did say)

I think I reloaded the page at least 10 times to make sure it wasn’t some funky typo. Sure enough, every time the page loaded, The Penguin was still surfin’ along on the page. So just to make sure I haven’t gone crazy, check it out for yourself.

Cool huh?!!!

I’d like to thank Kyle for the opportunity to expand my horizon as far as creative thinking goes. It was a blast of a project to work on, and I had a load of fun creating the design… but better still, it’s a huge huge rush, to work on something with no known outcome and then be surprised with such a happy Hooray!

I’d also like to thank everyone for lovin’ the penguin… (that includes YOU, right now).
absolutely loves YOU too!

i Love penguins

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