Illustration Friday: little things

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “little things”. A wide array of ideas came to mind…

“It’s the thought that counts” – seeing as how it’s gift giving season. Or, “don’t sweat the small stuff” – the title of a great follow up to “seven habits of highly effective people” and a great motto to stick in your head from time to time. Or what about, “make a difference one… at a time”? Or a number of other popular quotes, cliche quotes or great thoughts to hold on to. But what kept outnumbering all the rest… tiny toes and tiny fingers. My house is full of them, along with tiny boogers and oodles of tiny messes.

But rather than bore you with a choatic illustration of my family room, I thought the tiny baby penguins would be much cuter and “aw” worthy of a topic like this. So … my visual ode to “little things”:


and for your sharing enjoyment, each design is featured on a variety of gift items:  Cute Lil’ Chick, Future Egghead, Just Hatched, I’m the Momma

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