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Art by Jen Goode

Cards for a Cause

Hi all,

October will be here before we know it, so I wanted to get a head start and share an idea.
I hope you’ll join in.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – traditionally I create designs sold on a variety of items and most prevalently, t-shirts. I donate the proceeds of these designs to support BCA and I hope I help spread awareness.

This year I’ll be promoting something a little different.

“Send a lil love” to promote BCA.

I will be offering stationery, note cards and greeting cards for sale featuring the theme “Pink”.
Some designed by me, and some by talented designers around the globe.

You’ll find a variety of topics to choose from and a fun selection of “Pink” happiness to share with friends and family.

How YOU can get involved:

Buy a “Pink” card
I’ll donate .50 to the Susan Komen Foundation

It’s that simple.

Then send your lil’ bit of love to someone special and spread the smiles.

For JGD affiliates, simply help promote the “Pink” collection and earn your standard commission.
Again I’ll donate .50 per card sold.

Watch for this special series to arrive after September 14th.

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Lil' Card Shop Promo

Promote JGoode Greeting cards!

the Lil’ Card Shop. This is a growing collection of exclusive JGoode greeting cards, stationary, invitations and thank you cards.

You’ll find a lovely selection of cards at any JGoode shop… and now you’ll also find
designs specifically for smilie greetings. A perfect addition to any gift shop and just in time for the next big event!

~inspiring smilies every day! ~ JGoode Designs


Lil’ Card Shop

contact JGoode for additional banner requests.

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Poll: Tools You Use

Calling all CP affiliates…

I’d greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to respond to the following poll question:


the above applies to all facets of affiliate marketing specifically for the CafePress affiliate program. From blogging one item at a time to building an entire site… do any of the tools help out your affiliating adventures?

Gifts for Affiliates

thanks oooodles!

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