Bloggers unite for Kindness

Today, December 17th, 2007 thousands of bloggers are uniting to share their stories of their own acts of kindness.


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So today I’d like to share a neat online organization I just discovered…


Donors Choose is a non profit oraganization originally started by a school in the Bronx, New York. Teachers can submit proposals for funds and the public can then choose to donate a portion or all of the requested funds. Its a great way to help individual classrooms and make a big difference to the students involved.

As soon as I heard about this site, I got involved. You can search by subject, age, location, keyword and more. I chose a couple different projects to help with. One request inparticular was located right here in Colorado. The teacher requested funds to buy each of her students a new book to read over the holiday break. A good portion of the request had already been fullfilled, so I was able to complete the funding – hopefully just in time for the holidays.

The other inspiring idea on this site is that you can purchase a gift certificate for someone else. Your recipient can then choose which project/s they’d like to support. What a fabulous gift!

I had so much fun reading about the different projects and the teachers wishes for their students. There are so many ways we can help with such a tiny bit of effort, it amazes me how true the statement – little things really can make a difference.

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