Adam and Eve

Today is “National Tell an Old Joke but Keep It Clean Day.”.

I don’t know that I know any OLD jokes, being as young as I am, but I’ll give it a try. 😉

One day Adam was talking with God about the marvelous world around him…

Adam “God, thank you so much for creating eve. She is so wonderful! You’ve made her so supportive and delightful to be around.”

God ” Well Adam, that’s so you’ll love her.”

Adam ” I could stare into her eyes for hours… getting lost in her beautiful gaze.”

God ” Adam, that too is so you’ll love her.”

Adam ” She’s got the greatest sense of humor and she has the cutest little giggle…”

God “That’s so you’ll love her.”

Adam ” But, one thing I don’t understand,”

God ” Yes, Adam?”

Adam ” well, God, as wonderful as Eve is… I mean, she’s just about perfect… but really, why is she so clueless sometimes? ”

God ” Well Adam… That’s so she’ll love you.”


This is one of my all time favs… and before I was married, I used to giggle just tring to finish the last line. Now, however, I just smirk wisely.

smile pass it on

(neat on a t-shirt)

Happy Tuesday!

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