A little extra smiley love to you today – Happy Valentines Day!

Whatever makes you smile, I hope you find it in abundance today. Share the grins and hand out hugs…

Happy Valentines Day to YOU!

The greatest happiness of life
is the conviction that we are loved,
love for ourselves,
or rather love in spite of ourselves.
~Victor Hugo

Every time I try to draw something serious and grown up, I end up doodling and goofy grins come out, taking over the page. I used to fight it. Adults need to be professional and serious and spend their working hours being productive so they can continue on knowing they’ve accomplished things.. right?

After years of trying to move ahead and strive for professional greatness, I realized it didn’t matter how much money I made nor how much others enjoyed what I did if I wasn’t happy… I wasn’t happy. The little grins of every day life make me happy. The silly songs we invent and hum as we go throughout our day or the images we see in the clouds as we glaze out the window, these are the things I remember when I drift off to sleep. Deadlines are just deadlines, after a while they all blend together. One task will out prioritize the next and it will happen 10 more times next week.

Real happiness is enjoying the moment, who you’re with, and why you are there.

As I get older, I am slowly starting to weed out the things I don’t love to make more time for the things that I do. This is what really makes me happy. Are you allowing yourself to enjoy more, do more… be more of who you want to be?

If you’ve read this far today… YOU also make me happy, thank you.
(You probably make me happy regardless, but I figure you just earned an extra star and I should let you know).