When you think no one is listening…

Here is an interesting find.

According to research and commentary by Ben Edelman, Vonage (you know, that internet phone company with 900 gazillion commercials), is/was/has been utilizing spyware to increase their advertising results.

They recently won an Effie award for, what I can tell, these fabulous advertising successes.

Now here this! I went to the webpage about the award to read up on this lovely kudo Vonage has earned (just last month, you say?). Right smack at the top of the press release are some amazingly entertaining words.

Did you know, the campaign was titled ”

‘People Do Stupid Things’

Now I’m wondering, are they talking about themselves and their recent alleged actions, or are they calling me and my considering their service stupid? Who and what exactly are they referring to?

Yes yes, indeed, I’m taking the phrase entirely out of context. Funny how it seems to apply completely diffrerently today. Just struck me as funny to think that a company would run a campaign, while (supposedly) utilizing spyware, receive an award for their “job well done”, and then get caught (appears to be red-handed) … and yet proud to post a headline such as this:

“People Do Stupid Things’ Campaign is Smart Enough to Win”

If i were capable of reading French, I’d be able to tell you if further press has been posted on the Vonage site. Unfortunately, I am not, so can not, and it’s probably not there anyhow.

Um.. Duh?


I have no tips for you today, and I have no exact knowledge if the problem has been or will be completely solved. (one must admit to a problem before it can be resolved, right?)

However, I have to say: If you don’t know what it does, don’t use it.

If you’d like to read up a bit more on the topic,
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