Tuesdays Topic: Feeling Girly

Seems every design I create, whether I intend it or not, has at least a touch of girly added to it. I am not sure what the inspiration is, other than I adore cute, and I think cute and giggly is always associated with girly — that’s unforunate. The boys are missing out on this one.

Recently, rather than try to fight it, I decided maybe I should take all that subtle frilly pink and just run with it… go all out and flaunt it… on purpose.

There enters a new collection: Lil’ Princess Tees – for the princess in us all.
(you don’t have to be a little girl, to be a princess)

Lil’ Princess Tees


I think adding a bit of sparkle to one’s day makes it just a little easier to maintain the sunshine we wake up with.

princess t-shirts and gifts

It’s good to be a girl !


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