Rosenbaum's Dilema and Censorship

Censorship surrounds us and sometimes more often than it should or in places that it needs not be.
I have a number of views on the topic of censorship. Far to many to simply list here in a single post. However, I will say, to me censorship is a personal thing. I should never be put in the situation to HAVE to view, read or otherwise witness something I’d find offensive. On the other hand, I should also never be at a loss for the opportunity to make the choice myself. Education is a ongoing everlasting process. Every moment we live and every choice we make adds to our own personal education and life experience. As adults we should find every chance we can to better our minds and our knowledge about the world we live in. Our children should learn from our examples, with the protection of our parental censorship…

This whole train of thought has come to mind at this moment because of this:
Rosenbaum’s Dilemma, Lost War Videos and Adwords Censorship as written by Wayne Porter.

I think… we should not take it upon ourselves to censor eachother as adults. Don’t hinder the learning where one might be able to make a difference.

So with that said,
I have donated our trusty penguin hero to the message at hand.

No Censorship PenguinCensorship Sucks Penguin

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