Rest, renewal and possibly rediscovery

I’ve now missed two weeks worth of my regular Tuesday blogging, yet I’ve actually had more than enough to talk about. Each week I’ve sat here trying to decide exactly which topic would be best, what most applies and where to start. Now, this week, after an extra day of weekending, I thought “perfect! I definitely can talk about weekends and relaxing and all that fun that is sunhiney”. Here I am, a day later and no sunshiney babble to attempt to entertain you.

This is exactly how and why I am where I am right now. Muddled chaos of brainstorming bliss…

A fairy in my second life

There are so many new ideas, good ideas, exciting ideas and vivid ideas for fabulousness running around in my head… so many angles to choose from, I just can’t decide. So instead, I’ve been rediscovering my alter ego through my Second Life me. It’s not helping me accomplish anything in the here and now – or is it?

Sometimes I think this does help. I wander around my virtual world. Talking with real friends, building virtual places, exploring virtual wonderlands. It’s inspiring. Like walking into a dream, while you’re awake and actively playing a role. I’m building a virtual shop to really sell my JGoode doodles — to whomever happens by.

To add to my dreamy state of unproductivity, I am listening to The Time Traveler’s Wife on audiobook. I listen while I walk… training for my upcoming breast cancer walk. Today I’ve been listening while I’m attempting to work. My brain doesn’t function at that level very well. I can’t think my colorful thoughts and listen to someone else’s stories and grasp both at once. I tried none the less.

So what does all this have to do with anything? Well, not much, and everything all at once. This disarray of half thoughts is where my mind keeps going. I start a new idea, get side tracked and move on to another idea… only to find myself at the end of the day with a tornado zone mess around the house and nothing else to show for my creativity. This is where creativity starts isn’t it? Or maybe where it gets lost. For me, this is where creativity ages, grows bold and bright; and maybe… after a little molding or fermenting or whatever it is that it does… it will blossom and flourish.The creativity that is. It goes into the chaos to come out magnificent and delightful.

Until that happens, I’ll keep doodling in my virtual playland – I’m building a garden there so I have a quiet place to sit and ponder with the fairies and the roses and the willows…

Oh sure, some will giggle or even hardily laugh, long and loud at my current past time. It’s keeping me away from the mundane and helping inspire ideas I forgot I had… I’m not in a place in my life that I can travel and explore and venture off on a whim. So virtual reality fits perfectly.

Soon, hopefully, I’ll find myself surrounded by a garden of brilliant blooms – ideas of sparkling greatness.

That’s the plan today.