Loving the art possibilities – An interview with Annie Lang

anniescdAnnie Lang: designer – artist – author
Annie Things Possible

I have never had the pleasure of sitting and chatting with Annie one on one, however I have had the opportunity to exchange ideas via email and I was pleasantly surprised at how quick she was to reply to me. About 2 years ago I was searching for insight – trying to grasp “how they do it” as far as artist making a name for themselves. I found Annie’s site and immediately fell in love with her style. I figured I’d give it a shot – see if she would response to a stranger’s comments. Not only did she reply happily, but she was so friendly and eager to encourage – her words truly showed her passion for what she does and it helped me push forward at a time I was struggling to find which path I was on. I am excited to be able to share Annie’s art insight with you today…

Annie Lang art

What do you create?
I specialize in whimsical art design

What medium do you enjoy most?
I most enjoy digital art medium because of the versatility and flexibility it offers

a1profilefotowebHow did you get started?
My career is actually an evolution…self taught art and handcraft skills through books, taught oil painting classes, sold handcrafted items and art at local craft shows and fairs, helped start a handcrafted gift co-op store, sold through retail stores, worked as a designer for a silkscreening business, sold linework patterns through mail order, sold projects to national magazine publishers, published 29 book titles, moved into licensing designs to commercial manufacturers and finally to marketing digital art products direct to consumers through my own website.

Name three favorite artists/designers/creatives:
As per favorite artist/designer/creatives…there’s just too many to list!

Do you feel you’re successful?
Feel successful? Absolutely!  I’ve achieved every creative goal I set for myself and then some!

Annie Lang and her art

What do you like most about what you do?
What I like best about what I do is the freedom of creative expression, the fun of  discovery and the feelings of reward that come each time a consumer lets me know how much they enjoy my work.

What #1 piece advice can you offer to those which might like to “follow in your footsteps”?
Advice?  Freelance design is not for everyone…the income is not reliable (feast or famine most of the time!)…one needs to be disciplined and self-motivitated…you need to be flexible enough to work within a constantly changing market environment to stay in business and you need to love what you do to keep you moving forward.

What are you most proud of?
Most proud of?  I’ve been able to stay in the creative arts business for 24 years and I still enjoy turning the computer on every day!

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