Let's Define Really Awesome

So, I just found myself on a small detour of internet wanderings…

I started out right here, on my own blog. I was checking out stats and see who has stopped by and who’s link to whom. I discovered a friend of mine had mentioned my blog because I had mentioned her blog. Well then as I was leaving, I saw another one of those Mcdonald’s posts (more about that later)… so I hopped on over to creamaid to figure out what the this sharing blogging thing was…

During my tiny investigation I discovered Alvin, a guy with a certificate saying he was genuinely really awesome. What? I said.. how does one get certified as truly really awesome?

Interestingly mysterious, dontcha think?

So yes. I clicked.. and ended up on the IsReallyAwesome website.


I’ve heard of this site before. I’ve even been passed a link or 12. However, I neveer went far enough into the reading to discover you can really declare yourself (or your business or your talent.. or whatever) as Really Awesome. Yes, you can do it yourself.. for yourself.. because you are indeed really awesome. Aren’t you?

Well today I decided I am indeed really awesome and I need to prove it, in case you didn’t already know. 😀 So here’s a snapshot of my awesome certificate.. feel free to click to the official JGoodeDesigns is Really Awesome webpage. (Please do, I paid 5 bucks for it.. so wear out the link for me will ya? :D)


You too can be awesome (for as little as a buck).. just click in go and grab your awesome url before theyre all gone. You don’t just rock.. YOU are Really Awesome!!

😀 toodles…

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